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Sailing Charters

Sail the wonderful world of Florida with us aboard our unique 35′ Niagara sailboat, where we combine snorkeling and adventure! 


Are you savvy enough to survive as a Space Pilot? Play our gamebook, “The Space Pilot” (Work-in-Progess) and see if you retire an old pilot, or a bold pilot! For updates on the game, join our forums and help shape the future!

The story begins in the year of 2190 and the dawn of the third age of mankind. Almost a century ago, a space faring race introduced the world to “Portals”, or wormhole technology, allowing travel throughout the universe.

It is a fairly peaceful time for the majority of the Universe, but small galaxies and planets are deeply unsatisfied…

Flight Instruction

KFXE Airport

Own a Skybolt? Looking for some instruction in your tailwheel aircraft? Want a picture taken of your land? We might just be able to help!

Banyon FBO

5360 NW 20th Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Youtube Live!

If we’re not streaming, you can check out our youtube channel here!


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